It’s Fun To Do Sign Songs! ~ Chris

It’s fun to do sign songs but thankfully my wife does them for our son on my behalf!  I think she’ll admit that she’s not perfectly tuned either, but the audience doesn’t seem to mind.  The combination of action and excitement is enough to fool the critical eyes of babes!

I’m lying a little bit though, when Mom is off at work, I have been known to sign for my son prompted by a rhyming book, but thankfully this stays between me and my guy.  Tight lips…but his signing gives our secret away so I sing quietly in his ear when I’m too embarrassed to sing out loud and Mom is within ear shot.

Babies love to hear their parents sing to them and if you teach them signs, will ask for a lullaby at random throughout the day.  I encourage you to find your voice and sing and sign to your baby.  Our online course has plenty of songs to choose from, but even if you don’t sign up, you can find plenty of free songs online to get you started.  While you sing, keep in mind that you don’t need to sign every single word as some might recommend.  Just sign the important, or key words, in each sentence.  After a few tries, have your baby copy your gestures and have them sign along.  You’ll be totally amazed by how quickly your baby figures out the patterns in the song and signs along with you (no matter how off key you are).

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