Most Common Technique To Teaching Sign – “Modeling” ~ Chris

While there are many intricate details to teaching baby sign language including many techniques that will help you avoid pitfalls (as described in our course), the main technique you will employ to teaching a baby to sign is what is called “modeling.”

In this simplest terms “modeling” means that you will do the sign yourself in such a way that your baby will see it.  Once your baby has made the connection between the sign and it’s meaning, he will repeat it back on his own.  That’s the idea anyway.

This is putting baby sign language on easy street because there is a lot that goes into teaching sign language and certainly other techniques to teaching sign that will help you be more efficient and proficient.  That’s why we recommend our course so strongly.  If you think you will tire easy and would like to take some shortcuts while making the entire affair more enjoyable, then the course is for you.  If you like to play “show and tell” and just sign hoping your baby will pick it up (like spoken language) you’ll still enjoy some basic success.  It’s not in all of our characters to be mediocre, so that’s why we put the course together, to excel at baby sign and get the most out of the signing experience.  Why struggle through when you can learn from our collective signing mistakes!

So when you consider signing with the help of Definitive Baby Sign, keep these thought in mind.  We can make signing a more pleasant experience for you and your baby and tackle all the issues before you’ve even experienced them!  Not to mention, we can get your baby signing within a few short weeks – that’s our guarantee!

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