On Manners ~ Courtney

Anyone who works with children of any age will tell you that we spend a fair amount of time teaching manners.  It is very refreshing to have children in a class who politely ask for things or thank you when you do something for them.  I always said that my child will be one of those and signing has allowed us to begin teaching manners early.  My son wasn’t yet 16 months old, but he could sign PLEASE and THANK YOU.  When he approached one of us and asked for something, we told him to say please.  After he received something from us that he wanted, we always instructed him to say thank you.  We asked him to use his manners in public as well.  After trying on a new pair of shoes, I asked him to thank the woman who helped us.  I also told him to say thank you to the lady who led him on a pony ride at the apple orchard.  Most people think it’s cute because it looks like he’s blowing a kiss.  There have been some people, however, who recognize that he’s doing sign language and respond with “You’re welcome.”

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