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When analyzing body language, it’s possible to tell honesty through various cues – although not reliably.  It turns out that the surest way to catch a liar is to look for the relative enthusiasm or commitment to a posture or signal.  If someone is lying, they are usually far more controlled, use smaller movements such as keeping their hands and arms closer to their body, might hunch their shoulders in and so on.  Someone that is being sincere on the other hand, will make big body movements, involve their entire selves in their dialogue and be very animated overall.  They will commit to their beliefs.

The same goes for babies and their signs.  Have you ever noticed that when a baby is hungry, they open their mouths wide?  Have you noticed the same thing when they enjoy the taste of their food?  If you have, then you probably noticed the exact opposite when they didn’t like their food.  They might even turn their heads away rather than forward, purse their lips refusing the food altogether while slouching in their chair.  When they want something, they commit to it and show you with their entire body.

The same enthusiasms can be readily spotted in signs.  If a baby uses big movements for MORE, and repeats them often you can be sure they are really excited to get it.  The opposite is so when a baby doesn’t really want something.  They might still do the sign, but do it less repetitively, use less force and might lack eye contact.  Sometimes when you ask if they want more, they might just go through the motions and do the sign without even mean it.  They’re doing it just because they think you want them to.  In other words, they’re fibbing – in their baby way.  Watch for these subtleties as you sign to your baby.  The silent world is pretty fascinating!

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