Signing SLEEP And The Benefits ~ Chris

Will a toddler really ask to go to SLEEP?  You bet they will if you do it right.  Making a daily routine is a great way to keep a baby on track and comfortable, not to mention confident.  Consistency is everything to a baby, when things can get so out of their control anything that they can predict makes them sane.  After learning the schedule, my little guy would ask me to go to bed, even lead me to the crib.  He knew he needed sleep because the time of the day and his routine and his mood told him that it was so.  By the time he reached 16 months, I’d simply ask him if it was time for a nap and he’d say “night-night” and do the sign for SLEEP.  What a wonderful gift he game me.  I knew he’d go voluntarily, I could plop him in the crib, he’d talk to himself until he drifted off.  I love baby sign!

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