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Unfortunately while our worlds are becoming more global and connected, we’re also becoming less central.  Usually this involves living at a distance to our families and friends.  Thankfully we can communicate through various media, but even this is no substitute for getting together face-to-face.

While baby sign language courses are great for socializing with other parents who share the same interest, it’s not the greatest atmosphere for learning.  We contest that sign language classes are best taught online because you are better able to start and stop a session whenever it suites you.  Instead of competing against the chaos made by 10 parents, their babies and an instructor, Definitive Baby Sign offers a more casual approach.  We have organized our classes so you can do them when they are convenient for you, not an instructor.

Having said that, meeting other parents who sign can be a great way to share your experiences and connect, possibly even make great friends – after you know what you’re doing!  Meeting with other signing parents will enable you to share some of the tips and tricks you have developed on your own and see just how signing plays in the lives of other families.

A great place to start is at local community centers.  Often there are days when children can come in to play.  Our community has a reading day at the library for toddlers and small children.  This can be a good outlet for parents on rainy days or in the winter when cabin fever sets in.  If you’d rather keep things electronic, join an online forum.  These online communities are great place to request signs, share experiences and also to query about any troubles with signing that you might have.  There is a huge wealth of experiences just a few clicks away.

If you are anything like our family, you’re sure to spread the knowledge of baby sign with your friends so they too will join you in signing.  The joy a baby signer brings to a family is immeasurable!

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