Some Quick Baby Sign Language Tips ~ Chris

1. Be consistent: When you introduce a sign, keep signing it.  If you stop, so will your baby.  To establish a pattern and memory, you need to create a routine.  The more steady you are with your signs, the easier and quicker your baby will adopt them too.  Baby’s like all people imitate what they see.  It’s just a part of being social animals.

2. Be expressive:  Use your entire body including your face.  Create big movements and actions with your body and over animate.  Show excitement in your voice and facial expressions.  Your facial expressions should be consistent and congruent with what you are signing.  If you are signing SAD, make a sad face, and if you are signing HAPPY, make a happy face.

3. Don’t be too rigid: It will take some time for your baby’s signs to become refined.  In the start, signs might appear similar or might be used for multiple things.  What’s important is that you and your baby understand each other.  Never insist that signs be perfect or you might spoil the experience.

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