The Two Types Of Baby Signs – Routine Signs And Motivating Signs ~ Chris

Signs fall into two basic categories, they are routine signs, or signs that represent things you do throughout the day-every day and motivating signs, which are for things your particular baby finds interesting.

Routine signs include SLEEP, EAT, DIAPER, BATH, MILK, WATER and so forth.  Motivating signs can be anything – you’d be surprised by what your baby finds fascinating.  These can include FAN, DOLL, TRUCK, LIGHT, MOON, TREES, BUG and on and on.

When you start your sign language program, be sure to include both types of signs.  The reason for this is explained in our online course, but suffice it to say that coupling both signs will increase the likelihood that signs will be picked up and used.  Routine signs will help your day go smoother and motivating signs will help your baby communicate their interests.  Life is all about balance – so too is baby sign language.

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