What Is Continuous Reintroduction In Teaching Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Continuous reintroduction is a baby sign language teaching technique where a parent will show and re-show an object to a baby many times throughout the day or many times in a row.

Let’s pretend you want to teach the sign for MOM or DAD and want to use continuous reintroduction.  This is simple.  Have Mom or Dad leave the room or just out of sights (duck behind a chair or sofa).  Next have them re-enter and then quickly do the sign MOM or DAD while acting really excited.  Repeat this a few times and you’ve got the technique mastered – pretty easy.  Signing doesn’t have to be complicated!

Now try this technique with other things.  Try it with APPLE, BANANA, or any toy like a truck or doll.  Just do the sign a few times while the object is nearby, then hit it and say “Where is the TRUCK/DOLL?”  “Can you find it?”  If your baby looks for the object you know you’re on the right track.  Now make it pop back into view and say “There’s your TRUCK/DOLL!”  Be excited, this will help!

Continuous reintroduction is a great way to multiply the number of times you do a sign throughout the day and helps your baby connect the object and the sign/label.  The more times you do this, the quicker your baby is going to pick the sign up.  If you can, spread it out throughout the day and across several days.  The more times your baby sees the sign, and the more times your baby sleeps on it after having seen it, the more it gets committed to long-term memory!

Happy signing!

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