The Alphabet Song And Baby Signs ~ Courtney

I’ve been signing and singing the Alphabet Song to my baby every day since he was 6 months old.  At first I made it part of our lunch routine and sang/signed to him in his high chair.  Once I went back to work, I would sing/sign it to him during our bedtime routine in between stories.  More recently, I’ve made it part of our bath routine.

While he has always loved music and actually stops and points to the radio when certain songs come on (His personal favourite is “Hollywood” by Michael Buble!), he has never really shown an interest in the Alphabet Song.  Except in the beginning when he would grin as I sang to him in his high chair, I think he heard this song so often that it became part of the background for him.

However, before I started singing and signing last night, my son said “B” and put his hand up!  Of course the little monkey has been paying attention all along!  I tested him after singing and he knew the sign for A and B and could say most of the letters.

We preach persistence here, but sometimes it gets frustrating when your baby isn’t signing back.  Needless to say, he might just be saving up to surprise you one day and all your efforts will pay off!

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