When Will A Baby Catch On To Signing? ~ Chris

If you start signing to your baby at 11 months and follow the program, then your baby will sign back within 2-8 weeks depending on your level of commitment.  Babies that start earlier might take a full 8 weeks, while baby’s that start later might only take 2 weeks.  There are many factors that come into play such as your consistency, your baby’s relative level of development, how often you repeat the signs and so forth.

Our fast track program guarantees results, but it doesn’t just stop at a magic formula, it’s more than that.  You are the single most important ingredient in having your baby sign.  It requires a lot of work and patience and repetition.  Yes, your baby is one important factor, and their level of interest is part of it, but like with anything, shortcomings in one area can be made up in others.  While your baby can’t surpass their developmental constraints, you can increase your level of commitment to the program and often this is more than enough to make you and your baby successful.

As long as you are fully committed to teaching your baby to sign and for at least 2 weeks make it your main priority, then we promise you results.

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