Which Baby Signs Are Best To Start With? ~ Chris

This is one of the most common questions new signing parents ask.  Quite simply, the three best signs to start with are EAT, MILK and MORE.

First of all, each sign is distinct from one another in the handshape, action and location in which they are made.  EAT has the hand coming to the mouth, MORE has hands coming together at the chest and MILK has one hand opening and closing on its own.  Second, each sign means something totally different.  Third, each sign is simple for a baby to do.  Babies can easily open and close their hand, bring their hands together and bring their hand to their mouth.  Not all signs are quite as simple as these three.  Fourth, these three signs carry a lot of value to a baby so they are highly motivating.  Finally, each sign can be repeated multiple and regular times throughout the day.  This gives you a lot of different contexts in which to show and reward the sign.

After you have mastered these first three signs, it’s time to choose some more complicated signs.  Much more on this in our online course, but if you’re looking to get started right away, give those three a shot!

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