Asking For HELP ~ Chris

HELP is a magical word for a toddler because it’s so empowering.  By doing this one sign, a baby can get anything they want done – and usually the most difficult of things at that.

I remember when my son did the sign for HELP which really made me realize it’s power.  I was preparing his lunch and he came into the kitchen from the living room and made the sign for HELP by patting his chest.  I made it a habit to never ignore any sign he made, even if it was just to acknowledge that he’d made one.

After doing the sign, he lead me over to the living room and pointed at the door leading to the dryer.  I opened the door and he patted his chest again.  He wanted me to open the dryer door.  He’d been stuffing it full of balls!

By knowing this sign, he didn’t cry insistently from the other room.  He came directly to me, did the sign, and lead me over.  From there it was pretty obvious from his body language, what he wanted.  As I opened the door, he signed THANK YOU.  What a doll!

Not a tear shed!  This is how signing makes life so much easier for you and your toddler and how signing builds a toddler’s self esteem.  I’m a strong advocate of the sign for HELP.  Teach it early, please!

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