Baby Pattern Recognition ~ Chris

It’s amazing.  The ability of a baby to pick up patterns and decipher them into meaning.  Here’s just one example, as you sign with your baby you will be blessed with these every day!

I was wearing a popular name brand shirt that has an eagle for a logo.  It’s small, in fact, really small.  Smaller than a one cent coin and located at the chest.  My son was doing the sign for bird with enthusiasm, so naturally I looked around trying to spot a bird outside of the window, but couldn’t see anything.  I then watched him carefully for other clues with his body language.  I noticed he was facing me directly.  Then he pointed toward me.  I said “No, Dadda is not a BIRD.”  Then I looked down to where he was pointing and saw the emblem and knew exactly what he was talking about.  When you experience your baby sign, get ready for these amazing moments as you baby finds patterns everywhere and often where you least expect them.  How many other things do we take for granted?  We can learn so much from children.

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