Baby Sign Language Puts Your Baby and Toddler On The Right Foot ~ Chris

There is so much research telling us that the first 5 years of life are the most critical for a baby.  Their brain and physical development is massive.  What your do as a parent probably won’t matter as much in your child’s life as it does now.  The types of foods you choose for them, the type of routine you hold, the type of family life you lead, the amount of learning opportunities you provide, the level of activity you enjoy and certainly the types of manners you use.

These experiences will be permanently wired into your baby’s brain and will be carried with them for their lives.  While some patterns will evolve, I contend that how you wire a baby’s brain will impact how they see the world moving forward.  Everyone is a collection of their environment and the genes they poses and while the genes have already been chosen, the other key element is entirely up to you.

Baby who have been taught to sign have been shown to have a huge advantage over non-signing babies especially as they near their 3 year.  In fact, 2 year old signers have the vocabulary of a 3 year old!  This is totally amazing if you ask me.  We also know that parents of signing babies experience fewer tantrums and other emotional issues.  Signing babies have a language to call upon when they are in crisis.  This will certainly shape who they become as well.  Having a language head-start will create confidence as they enter school too.  Having that edge and being able to master their world without throwing fits will allow them to feel secure and in control of their world.

If you are considering signing, there’s no wrong time to start.  A toddler aged, 2 years and older can benefit from signing, so grab your child quickly and sign up to a baby sign language course now!

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