Baby Signing Out The Window! ~ Courtney

Lots of babies like to look out the window at the world outside.  There are so many things to see!  In our little corner of the world, we have cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles going by.  There are men, women, and boys and girls.  We also catch regular glimpses of dogs, cats, and squirrels.  While each person, animal, and vehicle might be interesting in some way to a baby or toddler, a signing baby can tell you what he notices or gets excited about.  Instead of just gazing at what’s outside, it’s like your baby can say, “Guess what I see!”

Our little one often has a peek out the window and let’s us know what’s going on.  He was really excited one day when a Hydro crew was across the street and one of the workers went up in the cherry picker – TRUCK!  TRUCK!  It was also neat when it started to get dark before his bedtime and he noticed the street LIGHT on for the first time.  He started to ask to see the MOON every night before bed and informs us when it’s RAINing outside.  Not only can he communicate with us what he’s seeing, but he can direct our conversations.  We talk about what he’s interested in, instead of what we think he might be interested in.

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