In Your Opinion, What’s The Most Important Benefit To Signing With My Baby? ~ Chris

Connection.  In my opinion, a parent that doesn’t sign with their baby won’t be as closely bonded with their baby nor be as in tuned with their thoughts, feelings and ever expressive personality.  Non-signing parents might disagree with this assessment, but to each their own.  I can say for certain that my relationship with my son would have gone a lot differently without signing to him.  In fact, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

Having a more intimate connection isn’t the only benefit to signing so it might not appeal to everyone.  However, signing is multifaceted which is why it appeals to so many parents.  Here is a summary of the various benefits to signing with your hearing baby, perhaps if connection isn’t your prime motivator, there might be something else that pushes you to sign with your little guy.

Top reasons to teach baby sign language (summary):

– Start talking with your baby now instead of waiting!

– Bridging the communication gap between 5-6 months (and up to 3 years)

– A way to bond and connect with your child

– Allows baby’s to become active members of the household very early

– Learn about your baby’s interests and permit them to start conversations

– Realize just how smart they are by giving them a voice.

– Reduce whining and tantrums

– Cut back on aggressive behaviours such as hitting and biting

– Give a baby control and power over their lives

– Build confidence in your baby

– Makes Mom and Dad’s life easier because needs and wants are signed

– Advance their communication abilities over other children.

– Increase their vocabulary, literacy and IQ.

– Involve more sense in communication to create more neuronal connections.

– Reduce surprises in your baby’s life to help them build mastery of their world.

– You can teach manners before the “terrible two’s”

– Communicate with them silently from across the room.

– Create stronger sibling relationships

– Impress others!

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