Instantly Solving Problems With Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

I remember the day when my son figured out where the milk and water is stored!  He’d go over to the fridge naturally and point.  Obviously he wanted something from the fridge, or maybe on top of the fridge?  It was hard to say and non-signing parents might then start a 20 questions game, or maybe show and grunt as they worked over the outside of the fridge, the magnets, the bananas on top of the fridge or the radio!  You might then give up, not even bothering with the fridge contents.  How can a 15 month old baby really want something from inside the fridge?  This routine probably carries itself out hundreds of times throughout the week without signs all over the world.  But what if your baby could sign?  Well he’d just go to the fridge, point and then do the sign for what he wanted, and that’s exactly what my son did.  He brought me over by pointing and indicating, then when I asked him what he wanted and told him to do the sign, he simply did the sign for WATER.  Problem instantly solved!  I just poured him a glass and he chugged it down!  Melt down averted?  Gone to bed thirsty?  Who knows!

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