No More Mess! ~ Chris

There are many simple benefits to baby sign language.  For example, many new parents fret that their baby is not receiving enough food.  This usually results in attempts at force-feeding a baby who seems distracted.  What the parent doesn’t realize, because the baby can’t communicate it, is that they are in fact ALL DONE.  This results in the baby throwing fits, pushing a bottle away, or worse, throwing foods on the floor!

No so with a signing baby.  Signing gives your baby power over their world which results in more confident parenting.  A signing mother can simply ask baby if they want MORE or are ALL DONE.  Signing parents can also ask baby what kinds of foods they would like.  For example, offering two fruits such as a BANANA and an APPLE provides a parent with the comfort in knowing that baby will eat what they’ve been given.  This saves more than just time – it saves your sanity!

There are many, many other ways in which signing proves to be a valuable resource, but it’s not until you’ve witnessed it firsthand that you can totally realize this!

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