Signing With toddlers – The Silent Art Of Communication ~ Chris

What happens when baby becomes vocal?  You keep signing, that’s what!  And why not?  Signing can still be useful in correcting toddlers and children from long distances.  Do you really want to be that parent.  You know the one who’s screaming at the top of their lungs for their toddler to calm down.  How productive is that – my guess, not very.  I guess some parents never learn that children mirror their parents, and the quickest way to escalate a battle is to a) take part and b) imitate your opponents tact.  It’s been said that the surest way to lose a battle with a five-year-old, is to fight with a five year-old!

Parents who learn sign are used to using body language to keep on top of their children.  From across the room we can remind our little darlings to say THANK YOU for receiving a gift, to STOP doing something, not/NO TOUCH and on and on.  Our children can also signal back to us.  They can tell us embarrassing secrets such as needing to use the TOILET or that they are ANGRY, SAD, SHY and so forth.  Learning to employ a disapproving face (“the look”) is an excellent way to remind children about their actions.  It’s what our grandparents would have done afterall – so perhaps it’s a bit of a lost art.  Using sign with verbal toddlers to correct them, is just one of the things singing parents have with their children and at times, it can be an important one.

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