Twin Babies Have A “Conversation” With Each Other ~ Chris

Baby sign language is such a wonderful skill for a baby to have.  They can communicate very early to their parents and also, even to strangers.  We get to learn all about our baby’s interests, their desires, and their needs.  What happens when a baby can’t communicate what they want?  Well, babies will resort to whatever means possible to get their point across.  Usually this involves pointing, grunting and often times, whining.  Worse than this, babies can resort to tantrums, screaming, grabbing and pulling or tossing things.  This is when baby’s boil over from being overly frustrated by their lack of ability to make clear thoughts.

I’ve posted a video to demonstrate my point perfectly – that babies will find whatever way possible to talk.  Watch as two twin babies have a conversation with each other.  No doubt, they are connecting on a much deeper level seeing as how they are twins.  It’s common for twins to be able to complete each other sentences!

However, as you can see from the video, even babies have a need to converse with others.  The video shows a two-way conversation between two twin babies.  I have to wonder what this conversation would look like if they knew how to sign!  Now as amazing as this conversation is, I can’t help but think it would have been so much more productive had they know a few signs!  Naturally, I’m biased – but at least adults could have had a better understanding – we could all have eavesdropped into their world and had a closer look about what the fuss was all about!  Still a super cute video showing us that even infants have active minds and imaginations.

Teach your baby to sign and you won’t be left out of the conversation!  Signs will give you a glimpse inside your baby’s world to see just what they’re really thinking.

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