I Agree With Uncle Kevin, Baby Signing Is Great! ~ Chris

Amazing, my brother, my son’s Uncle, is probably the single biggest feat that has been accomplished by signing with my baby.  I’m talking in jest of course.  He’s not easily impressed, but when my baby could ask (sign) for what he wants and carry on a conversation, more or less, and seem connected with the people around him, it is impressive.  My son makes eye contact with other people as he’s grown accustomed to looking to his Mom and Dad for signs as we engage him.  He doesn’t seem aloof or distracted like other children of similar age, when he’s being talked to or rather with – and he has more “adult type” characteristics.  While I can’t say for sure, it probably has a great deal to do with the very fact that we sign to him.

I agree with Uncle Kevin, baby signing is great!

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