My son’s CRAZY Sign ~ Chris

My son made up an interesting sign on day.  In fact, with a lot of questioning, it seemed to just be a random movement he would repeat with no meaning at all.  Usually we could tell through our line of questioning what he wanted.  He does a guttural sound for “yes” – and with as many signs as he can do, I realize it was a bit unusual.  However, the sign persistent and so it ended up being his CRAZY SIGN and he’d repeat it with remarkable precision when prompted.

Because at the time he had well over 100 signs under his belt, the sign was quite elaborate.  To do the sign, he would put his hand and arm at right angle to the side of his head and move it up and down while twisting his hand.

When we showed his CRAZY SIGN to Courtney’s cousins they were sure it had some sort of undiscovered meaning.  Out came the blackberry and they began searching online for a clue.  The gist of the story, is to expect signs to originate from a babies imagination.  It’s been known for babies to make up plenty of signs for things that interest them when they haven’t been given a proper label!

The origin of the sign was never discovered – interesting and creative creatures are children!

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