Watch Your Language! ~ Courtney

Once babies catch on that there’s a sign for everything, they are always watching and listening.  Most of us make an attempt to moderate our language once we have little ones in the house, especially once they start verbalizing.  There’s nothing worse that hearing a toddler drop the f-bomb!  Those of us with signing babies have to watch our body language too though!  I learned this lesson just this morning at breakfast when my husband made a comment I disagreed with.  I retorted with a juvenile gesture that I learned in elementary school and have rarely used since.  Needless to say it’s very non-PC!  Well, who would have thought that the little man enjoying his breakfast in his high chair was also keeping a close eye on our conversation?  The next thing we knew he was mimicking my “sign” and I was trying not to laugh.  Today’s lesson: Watch your (sign) language!

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