75 Signs At 15 Months ~ Chris

Not to compete, but when my son as 15 months old, he had learned about 75 signs.  Is he unique, well maybe, maybe not.  He’s certainly not a genius, he’s probably only about as smart as the next kid – I’m not going to kid myself (ha!).  I could be wrong though, but only time will tell.  I guess the point is, that some parents might stop at 20 signs, you know the basics, MILK, WATER, DIAPER, and so forth.  However, why stop, keep going, you can continue to open conversational doors!  We could talk about all sorts of different and amusing things like BIRDS, DEER, FROGS, MONKEYS, TURTLE, and a bunch more or he could ask me to PLAY BALL, be picked UP, put DOWN or that he’s seen a SQUIRREL.  So why swap peaceful silent communication for the obvious early toddler substitute – whining, pointing and grunting.  Silly right, we thought so!

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