Baby Sign Language Class Myth ~ Chris

Many parents think that you have to take an in-person baby sign language class to teach your baby to sign.  This is untrue, but based on the idea that babies tag along to the class and from it, they are born into signers.  However, if anything having a baby at your signing class is a huge impediment to learning the rules and techniques to signing.  Imagine having 10 parents and 10 babies all in one room at the same time.  Imagine the chaos!  And totally without reason – aside from the fact that Mom might need to breastfed and finding a good babysitter is next to impossible!

However there is a better way.  Just sign up to Definitive Baby Sign’s online class and start and stop your tutorials anytime.  Pick up and drop the materials when other things are pressing.  The reality of baby sign, is that it is the parents who become instructors of sign language, rather than teaching the babies from some baby sign instructor.  Some babies do pick up signs from signing DVD’s – but do you really want your baby to connect with the TV instead of their own Mom or Dad?  If that’s your style then by all means plop away and marvel after several hours when baby repeats signs back, but signing is so much more than this.  We advocate that you and your baby build a strong bond between each other.  This is what signing is all about.  So by teaching the parents the rules, we can set them free to sign on their own with their children.  In the end, this is how signing will evolve anyway – it will turn into two-way communication no matter how signing originates.  My point is that you can avoid all the pitfalls by learning to sign online instead of signing through classes.

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