Is Signing A Rush Toward Growing Up? ~ Chris

No.  Signing is a rush toward connecting.  If you are the type of parent who thinks they can connect on a deeper level without words, than signing is not for you.  I like to know what’s on my baby’s mind, so signing was perfect for me.  Not only could I connect with my son, but I could connect on specific ideas.  When he signed, I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I didn’t have to guess or make things up, or play twenty questions, I knew.

Communication isn’t going to grow your baby any faster.  It might advance them in terms of vocabulary, add some IQ points and so forth, but it’s not going to turn them into little adults any sooner.  You’ll get some nice side benefits though, they’ll be able to use manners, label their emotions, ask for things specifically, talk about what’s on their mind and so forth.

To me, signing was always about connection with my son and not about trying to turn him into an adult.  I just say signing as the best way to make his life more comfortable and by extension, mine too.  We also had plenty of great moments along the way that I doubt non-signing parents experience.

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