Visiting With Aunty ~ Courtney

Baby and I went to the university today because my younger sister was there with her high school for a tour.  We thought we’d meet up with her tour group and see if we could tag along since she lives in a different city and we don’t get to see her much.  We found her at the beginning of her tour and said hello, but decided to stay on the main floor of the building while she visited the upper floors.  My son repeatedly looked at me and signed AUNT, and I reassured him that she would be back.  I had told him in the morning that we were going to see her and did the sign each time I mentioned her.  Of course it melted her heart when she returned to the main floor and I told her he had been asking for her ever since she left!

On a side note, she does a really good monkey impression, so sometimes when I mention her name, my baby will do the sign for monkey as well as aunt!

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