Toddlers, The Internet, The Television And The Park ~ Chris

While we restricted television for out toddler to just a few minutes each day before bed and during diaper changes, we did offer him more control over the Internet.  That is, we’d allow him to watch selected videos when he chose to.  Thankfully, he didn’t want to watch them in any excess and when he sat for too long we’d pull him away with his toys.  The Internet is a great escape, but it won’t do much for a toddler as far as building his muscular coordination or teach him a heck of a lot about life in general.  I think most children get board because they aren’t accustomed to the true pace that life throws at all of us.  It’s actually pretty slow once you pry the electronics away for your hands.

If you’ve never tried this, go out to the woods or the park and just sit there.  See just how long you can be at rest without a book or magazine, cell phone, or other electronic before you decide to walk around.  This is the pace of life our bodies were designed for.  Even though in recent times we’ve come to crave constant stimulation we’re more adapted to a slower pace.  It does speak to the need to get outdoors more often even if it means getting outside the walls of your house and to the park.  Have you considered taking your guy camping, fishing, hiking?  Think about it before your child thinks that there’s nothing else to the world beside the television and video games!

In the meantime, enjoy on of my son’s favourites – Bob the Builder!  He’d play this on cycle by tapping the space bar!  YES WE CAN!  Was it Obama or Bob who came up with this first!

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