Guest poster Carrie and baby Samantha #2 ~ Guest


Mother of 1 girl

Baby signing since 11 months

Number of signs = 4

We’re working on a few more signs now.  Samantha now signs APPLE but doesn’t yet sign BANANA.  Her sign for APPLE is so cute, she brings her hand up to her mouth in a fist.  She doesn’t twist it yet, but the course says that this might take some time to refine.  I just keep doing the sign for her to see the right way.

I might not keep signing BANANA, and instead replace it with something else.  I haven’t decide which.  Since she only added one sign, I think we might start doing a few different ones.  We’ve done ALL DONE together, I grabbed her hands to help her make the sign.  I’m going to start introducing some other signs like BOOK, DOLL, CAT, MOM and DAD.  She really likes watching the cat that plays outside and I think it would be amazing to watch her sign MOM and I think my husband would really enjoy seeing his girls sign DAD.

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