Guest Poster Carrie And Baby Samantha #3 ~ Guest


Mother of 1 girl

Baby signing since 11 months

Number of signs = 7

I think my girl is really starting to get this!  Now we are signing a lot of words together.  Samantha signs CAT, MOM, DAD, EAT, MORE, MILK and ALL DONE!  We kind of ran out of new things to sign, or perhaps I just got caught up in trying to get the signs done that we already started.  Her ALL DONE is just opening and closing of both hands, kind of like MILK, but we can tell the difference!  Her sign for CAT is just touching her cheeks, she doesn’t draw out her fingers, but that’s okay too!

I’m really starting to enjoy signing with her.  She gets really excited when she sees the cat outside and starts signing it to herself.  I think we will just add another 10 signs for the things she really seems to enjoy.

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