Just Sign – Baby Sign Language Is Nothing Like Learning A New Language ~ Chris

Signing requires no extra time – it’s just something you do.  You don’t set time aside to talk to your baby, and signing is the exact same thing.  Just whenever you say a word, sign along, it’s not much more complicated than that!  You can sign as you read books, sign as you sign, sign as you play and on and on.  Whenever you explore new places, meet new people, sign.  Signing can help reinforce new concepts and new routines and also ease a child into new habits.

Don’t worry that signing will be too much like learning a new language.  In fact, it’s not even close.  The signs you will do are so much like the things you are signing they’ll come naturally to you.  If you feel apprehensive then just learn one or two signs and add more as you feel comfortable.  In fact, our course recommends that you start with just one sign and then add another one after a week.  Surely, you can remember how to bring the fingertips of both hands together to sign MORE, right?

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