Signing Is Language! ~ Courtney

I was home with the baby for the holiday weekend after not seeing some of my family for several months.  His aunt and uncles were eager to play with him, which meant signing with him as well!  It was really the first time that I witnessed him using signs consistently with someone other than my husband or myself.  When he was having fun, he asked for MORE.  When he saw a teddy bear and wanted his uncle to retrieve it for him, he did the sign for BEAR.  When he noticed the pumpkin decorations or heard birds outside, he told whoever he was with all about it with his signs!  The best thing was that this little 16-month-old was communicating and the adults were all too happy to figure out what he was saying.  Numerous times my brother would come in the room and ask what a certain sign meant.  When I told him he would say, “I thought so,” or “That makes sense,” and go back to answer my son.  With others eager to grant requests and sign back, signing truly is a language!

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