The Popularity Of Baby Signing ~ Chris

I’m happy to say that baby sign language is becoming more and more popular.  Maybe it’s because as a cohort the late 20’s and early 30 something’s have finally started to having children of their own.  We’re a highly educated bunch and we’re adept at both learning and teaching.  We can find information all over the place and pass it along to our friends quickly.  We are also willing to try new things, nothing in our lives were static.  In fact, even as we had our own music in our own era, it’s been quickly supplanted by the new and continues to be drowned out by the past (baby boomers just won’t let their music die!).

Just the other day, signing was on as a snippet during the evening news.  This wasn’t a big deal.  I know several friend who have taken up signing independently.  Why is it so popular when it’s been around since the 70’s?  It probably has a lot to do with what I’ve mentioned before – we are willing to try new things and we’re educated.  Besides, we know the difference between a gimmick and something that actually works to make our lives better.  Our parents had to struggle through many “inventions” aimed at life improvement that simply couldn’t match what they claimed.  We suffered alongside them.  However, baby sign is a real life asset and science has backed this claim.  While ‘abdominal rollers’ fizzle out as a fad, baby sign will continue to be used throughout.  It’s here to stay!

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