Why Baby Sign Language Is Not A Fad ~ Chris

With all the recent interest in baby sign language some people might be tempted to think that baby sign language is a fad and will wane with time.  Naturally, the number of people who do signs with their hearing children might diminish, baby signs will never completely go away.  Baby sign is unlike any other technique advanced to make smarter babies such as signing to baby’s in the womb, or having toddlers listen to Beethoven.  Baby sign language actually has a solid foundation and ready benefits.

Most parents who sign are completely dumbfounded by how much signing babies really notice about their environment.  With signs, a parent can actually see how attentive a baby is and just what they are thinking about.  Babies might not appear all that smart, but a baby who signs can easily dispel this myth.

A signing baby can tell parents what they want to eat and drink.  They can tell their parents when their diaper needs changing.  More so than this, a baby who can sign is one who suffers from reduced frustration.  Baby signing will stick around because parents can actually see, measure and enjoy the results from having taught their babies to sign.

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