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How Many Signs Should You Teach? ~ Chris

The simple answer is just as many as you want! There’s no right or wrong way to teach baby sign language and there are certainly no right amount of signs to teach. Nor are there too many signs. While we … Continue reading

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Still Signing When He Doesn’t Feel Comfortable ~ Courtney

Our son is now a very verbal two-year-old. In fact, he doesn’t even remember many signs due to lack of use. We still show him now and again and he’ll mimic in much better precision than he did when he … Continue reading

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Why And How Does Signing Reduce Crying? ~ Chris

Some parents who are considering signing to their babies might wonder how signing can possibly reduce crying and temper tantrums. This is simple. Signing babies have the language necessary to communicate their wants and needs. It’s been postulated that tantrums … Continue reading

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Every Baby Is Different ~ Chris

Just like a baby will choose which signs they learn to sign based on their interests, a toddler will decide which signs they continue signing as their verbal language develops. Every baby is different. Some babies will speak very early … Continue reading

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