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A Day In The Life Of A Baby Signing Parent ~ Chris

Surprising to most non-signing parents, it’s not a whole lot different than theirs.  Signing parents still follow all the routines that a non-signing parent does and this part might not be that surprising.  However, what might be surprising is that … Continue reading

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My Son Becomes Emotional ~ Chris

I remember the first time my baby became emotional about me going to work.  A real tear-jerker!  Well not totally, it’s not like I was leaving him with a stranger or anything, it was just one of those days when … Continue reading

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A Baby Signing Story – Getting What She Wants ~ Guest

Emma, our daughter of 13 months finally discovered how to make the sign for EAT. We had been trying to teach it to her for the past few weeks. At first we thought she wasn’t paying attention and then while … Continue reading

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Advanced Baby Signing Through Signed Sentences ~ Chris

As your baby’s signing foundation improves, you can begin to create signed sentences.  This is a great way to keep you and your baby interested in signing. When baby first starts to sign, you and baby would sign just one … Continue reading

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