Is this some kind of new-age fad thing?

Yes, yes it is! Okay, well, no, hopefully it’s not. What I sincerely believe is that baby sign language is here to stay, it’s been tried, tested, and perfected. It’s not one of the baby IQ programs complete with memory flash cards, brain quests, baby Mozart and all the other doodads that go with a passing fad. The reality is that communication is the foundation for all of society. Do you think cell phones and the Internet will eventually fade away? Hardly, these touch the root of us all and so have staying power. We have a deep desire and necessity to communicate. So why would we suddenly stop talking with our babies?

Besides all the wonderful things that signing does for babies in terms of vocabulary, emotional control, learning, and yes intelligence, signing is a fun thing to do with your brand new baby which is totally priceless. Baby sign language has received a big boost in part from media’s recent interest. This has served to spread baby signing far and wide. Signing requires no special tapes, no flash cards and no complicated games or systems. After receiving a little bit of instruction, you carry everything you need with you at all times. To get started, all you need is a primer!

Above: A pretty ordinary conversation with a signing toddler. Signs be such a huge advantage and add so a valued dynamic to everyday life!

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