Techniques To Teaching MORE

MORE is the single best sign to introduce to your baby and should strongly considered introducing it as the first sign taught, at the exclusion of all others. A close second to the MORE sign, is MILK followed by EAT. These are all primary signs to young babies so they are highly motivating for them.


Above: The finger tips of both hands are brought together several times as if gathering several objects in the ASL sign for MORE.

DefinitiveBabySignCOM-Signing MOREYou can teach the sign for MORE easily during a meal time. Start by modeling the sign several times for your baby by bringing your fingertips together. Be sure to start this teaching technique early in the meal so that your baby is still hungry and motivated to sign, but not too hungry that your baby can’t think properly. Next, grab your baby’s hands and help your baby do the sign as you say “more” out loud. After each time you do the sign, simply add some more food. After a few days practices your baby might start to rock back and forth as if she wants more, which is a great sign, but instead of giving her food right away and reward rocking, instead you should patiently wait to see if he will do the MORE sign. If the sign does not appear, then model the sign for them or help your baby by bringing their hands together. Repeat this sequence a few times and give him MORE after each time. Never give food unless you model the sign, or your baby does the sign, it must be taught that food follows the sign for MORE.

Above: MORE is a great early sign to teach because rewards can be given immediately and those rewards are worth working for! Once your baby catches on, he will be using it most at mealtimes, but don’t forget to teach MORE for playing games, songs, dancing, funny faces, etc. MORE everything! Note: the yellow bag is full of garlic!

If, at any time, your baby brings their hands together or lightly touches them, even if by accident, immediately reward them with an excited voice while clapping your hands. You can’t get too excited! Of course, you will follow all this up with more of her favourite food.

The MORE signs is also a great time to introduce the “touch reminder” which is done by lightly touching your baby’s hands. This reminds your baby that they should be doing something with their hands. You should aim to do the MORE sign at least 20-30 times each day until your baby catches on.

Above: “Touch Reminder Technique” in demonstration.

Teaching MORE at meal time is highly productive because rewards can be given immediately. Another way to teach MORE is by suddenly stopping an activity or game and then asking your baby if they want MORE of it. For example, you can bounce your baby up and down and then stop. Now ask if them if they would like MORE bouncing by saying it out loud and modeling the sign. MORE is a “transferable” because it can be used in many different situations so take full advantage of this by using it in many different contexts. You’ll find your baby use MORE for games during playtime, when being read a story, and when blowing bubbles. Anytime you can cut an activity short, and ask your baby if they would like MORE, helps your baby see the sign in many varied contexts and helps them learn the sign.

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