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Asking For Things That Aren’t Around ~ Chris

It was as if a switch had been pulled.  My son figured out that the signs he had been learning were useful when the thing he wanted wasn’t around.  In other words, he when he did the sign, the could … Continue reading

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Combining Baby Sign Language And Speech ~ Chris

As your baby grows and adds more words to his vocabulary, there will come a time when your baby will start combining signed words into “sentences.”  For our purpose a signed sentence is a combination of two or more words … Continue reading

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Signing While Reading ~ Courtney

Signing while reading books with your baby is really a lot of fun.  Since they don’t understand every word, they’re more interested in the pictures anyway.  Doing signs for what you see in the pictures engages your baby way more … Continue reading

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My Initial Reactions To Signing ~ Chris

So you might have read that I took the initiative to start signing with my son, but it was my wife who planted the seed so to speak.  I guess her idea sprouted and grew leaves.  At the time, my … Continue reading

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Do I Care About The Benefits Of Baby Sign Language? ~ Chris

First, a summary of the benefits of signing courtesy of the baby sign language program. Top reasons to teach baby sign language: – Start talking with your baby now instead of waiting! – Bridging the communication gap between 5-6 months … Continue reading

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