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Dispelling The Myth That Signing Delays Talking ~ Chris

Seriously, if I hear this one more time!  My wife actually just told me that she was talking to a friend about baby sign language and she had a nephew who was somewhat delayed in speaking.  Her comment was “I … Continue reading

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Hitting The Big 2-0-0! ~ Courtney

I probably wouldn’t have believed it when we first started signing with our son, but he just hit the 200 sign mark at only 22 months old.  It seems like so many, but we’re still adding new signs to our … Continue reading

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If You Aren’t Having Fun Signing With Your Baby, You Are Doing It wrong! ~ Chris

Baby sign language is not a chore and there are no goals.  Some parents have a bug which says they need to prove that their baby is smarter than the baby next.  I feel sorry for them, and will not … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait To Sign With Your Baby, Start Today! ~ Chris

Waiting to sign with your baby can be a big mistake.  There are so many experiences you can share with a baby that only signing parents really know about.  It’s difficult to describe exactly and it’s something that videos can’t … Continue reading

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