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Taking Signing Babies For Walks ~ Chris

As soon as I could, I brought my baby out for walks with me.  Why?  Well, for starters I hate being indoors all day long and for some reason you tend to get into homebound patterns.  Let’s face it, having … Continue reading

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First Time To Say PLEASE ~ Chris

It was thanksgiving weekend and we had family over for dinner.  Naturally, I was a busy Dad showing off all of my son’s baby signing tricks and signs so he was getting plenty of positive attention.  Neither of my sister’s … Continue reading

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Sign Enthusiasm ~ Chris

When analyzing body language, it’s possible to tell honesty through various cues – although not reliably.  It turns out that the surest way to catch a liar is to look for the relative enthusiasm or commitment to a posture or … Continue reading

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Words Included In The Baby Sign Language Dictionary ~ Chris

On first inspection it might seem to make sense to have as many words as possible inside of the baby sign language dictionary, but this it’s so.  For starters, most babies will never learn to sign fluently in ASL.  For … Continue reading

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What If I Don’t Know The Sign Or There Isn’t One? ~ Chris

Sometimes our baby requests a sign which catches us off guard.  Instead of making a sign up, you can explain to your baby that you just don’t know and then look it up as soon as you possibly can.  Depending … Continue reading

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