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Baby Sign Language And Perception ~ Chris

What your baby sees versus what he perceives is very different.  Not only this but your baby’s perception is also ever changing as your baby grows and develops.  If you are attuned you can even see these changes before your … Continue reading

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How Many Signs Should I Teach My Baby? ~ Chris

There’s no lower or upper limit.  There are about 15 signs that are desperately needed to all parents to make life easier for you and your baby, so I recommend those first.  Aside from learning signs like MILK, MORE, EAT … Continue reading

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How Much Time Will Teaching Baby Sign Language Take, I’m A Busy Parent? ~ Chris

No time at all.  In fact, you shouldn’t set any time aside for signing period.  Signing is something that is done throughout your daily routine and is really no different than speaking with your baby.  Anytime you talk to your … Continue reading

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In Your Opinion, What’s The Most Important Benefit To Signing With My Baby? ~ Chris

Connection.  In my opinion, a parent that doesn’t sign with their baby won’t be as closely bonded with their baby nor be as in tuned with their thoughts, feelings and ever expressive personality.  Non-signing parents might disagree with this assessment, … Continue reading

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