What if I’m the only one signing to my baby?

DefinitiveBabySignCom - Grandma And BabyIf you are a single parent, or are otherwise raising a child on your own, then kudos to you for having the courage to tackle teaching your baby such a wonderful skill. If you are married, but your spouse won’t help, then don’t worry about that for now. Just do your own thing and hopefully your husband (or wife) will come around when they start to see how well signing works. There are lots of times when Mom has to go it alone and Dad is busy at work or with other commitments, or vice versa. He’s missing out for now, but don’t worry, once he sees the little love bug start signing, you’ll have company, and your spouse will catch up quickly. It’s never too late to welcome signing company.

You should know that while it does help to have more than one signer in the house or one that visits to lend a hand, it’s not impossible to teach signing alone. Granted, it might take a bit more effort and dedication on your part, and might not happen as quickly as having multiple signers working in concert, but it’s still totally doable. When you’ve accomplished signing, the payoff is going to be all your own, and you’ll enjoy full credit. I suppose that’s one positive way to look at it! Give yourself a pat on the back, take it slow and let it unfold naturally. Just remember, no pressure!

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