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Some Quick Baby Sign Language Tips ~ Chris

1. Be consistent: When you introduce a sign, keep signing it.  If you stop, so will your baby.  To establish a pattern and memory, you need to create a routine.  The more steady you are with your signs, the easier … Continue reading

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Baby Sign Language Makes Childcare Easier ~ Chris

Since many daycares are welcoming baby sign language these days, it’s becoming more well known that baby signing makes their job easier and more pleasant. Babies that can sign can get their needs across. Their temperament and confidence are notably … Continue reading

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Formal Thanks To The Deaf Community ~ Chris

Many take for granted that baby signers are actually borrowing a language from a culture most of us know very little about. While we understand that some people can’t hear or are hard of hearing, we don’t understand what it … Continue reading

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Top Reason To Sign With Your Baby ~ Chris

– Boost Your Baby’s Self-Esteem and Confidence – Allows baby’s to become active members of the household very early – Learn about your baby’s interests and permit them to start conversations – Realize just how smart they are by giving … Continue reading

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Late Talkers Equal Late Bloomers ~ Chris

The peak for baby sign is somewhere in the 8-12 month range. Some babies can sign back at 6 months, or even 4 months, but then again some sign back later at around 14 or even 16 months in rare … Continue reading

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