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Things On The Internet Toddlers Find Interesting – Cookie The Little Penguin At The Cincinnati Zoo

Hey, this is a cute one for the boys and girls. Sign PENGUIN, it’s a fun sign to do! Just drop your hands to your hips and wiggle back and forth like penguins do! Synopsis: “Cookie is a “Little Penguin” … Continue reading

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Toddler Bopping To Rebecca Black And Raffi

This video by Rebecca Black has taken the Internet by storm! It’s awful, but in such a beautiful way. I played it for my son and he loved it. There are so many fun videos for toddlers on the Internet. … Continue reading

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Five Month Old Baby Emerson Laughing on YouTube

Hilarious! Watch five and a half month old baby Emerson on YouTube scare and laugh when Mom blows her nose!  Ever thought about where laughing comes from?  I did, so I did some research.  It turns out that laughing probably … Continue reading

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Baby Sign Language In Meet The Fockers ~ Chris

Like all good things, some previous entity of it existed before only to be recycled into something the next generation thinks is “new.”  Sign language has been around for a long, long time.  For as long as people where deaf, … Continue reading

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Twin Babies Have A “Conversation” With Each Other ~ Chris

Baby sign language is such a wonderful skill for a baby to have.  They can communicate very early to their parents and also, even to strangers.  We get to learn all about our baby’s interests, their desires, and their needs.  … Continue reading

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