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It’s Fun To Do Sign Songs! ~ Chris

It’s fun to do sign songs but thankfully my wife does them for our son on my behalf!  I think she’ll admit that she’s not perfectly tuned either, but the audience doesn’t seem to mind.  The combination of action and … Continue reading

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Baby Signing Makes Other Parents Feel Inadequate ~ Chris

We live in a very competitive world.  Parenting is no exception (in fact it might be one of the most competitive arenas) and as it turns out baby signing can bring out nastiness in people.  I’ve witnessed this several times … Continue reading

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Things To Keep In Mind While Signing To Your Baby ~ Chris

You’re the model: Be excited and animated.  If you are bored, your baby will be too.  If you want to capture their attention, use big movements and exaggerated facial expressions.  You want your baby to watch you and want to … Continue reading

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