Chapter 10 – Questions and Answers

My baby’s signs are mixed up. What should I do?

If your baby’s signs are getting mixed up then just keep signing along with him being sure to use the correct signs. Always remember that you are your baby’s roll model so you to lead by example by continuing to model the proper signs no matter what. It’s pretty normal for a baby to mix their signs up once they build their vocabulary. Remember, this is no different than talking, and no baby is born with a perfect vocabulary. Expect to have to backtrack a little before your baby masters each sign.

DefinitiveBabySignCom - Big Squinty SmileMy baby was progressing, but recently he has stopped signing completely, it’s as if he forgot how to sign.

Not to worry, your little guy has probably just been more interested in another task. He’s probably working on crawling or walking, or is just taking a break. Now’s not the time to give up signing because if you do, he’ll have nothing to model when his mood comes back around. Continue to do the signs as you have been doing, and pretty soon, your girl will start to sign once again.

My spouse doesn’t think this is worthwhile. How to I convince my family to help?

Bring up the research on sign language and show them how signing has all upside and no downside. Teach them a few signs and what they mean, so they can help should the mood strike them. If that doesn’t work, then just ignore them and do it solo! Why? Well, because once your baby starts to sign, I promise you that they are going to have to learn too or they’ll have no idea what your little guy is saying!

My son has learned a variety of signs, but sometimes I can’t understand what my baby is signing, what should I do?

Try looking around for more abstract things that your baby might be noticing. Maybe your son noticed a flower pattern on a shirt or tablecloth. Maybe he noticed a photograph of a bear on it. Maybe your son heard a dog, cat or airplane outside. Try looking at things from your baby’s perspective and give them the benefit of the doubt. Whatever you do, don’t ignore your baby. Instead, use the opportunity to talk about what you think the sign is. Sometimes when my son gets excited and starts to sign, I ask him to show me what he’s talking about and we play hot/cold. I bring him around and we try to figure out what he’s noticed.

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