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DefinitiveBabySignCom - Comfy– Signing is pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s not always “easy” since it involves so much repetition.
– Most of the time baby not signing is due to either inconsistent signing, or going for long stretches without signing.
– Be diligent and ever watchful for signs to appear, they might show up without being noticed.
– Even if your baby is not signing back, your baby is still making progress.
– It’s important to focus on the process of signing, rather than the results.
– All babies are different and show various levels of progression, so don’t bother comparing your baby to someone else’s.
– Competing with other parents and their babies on the signing front is highly unproductive and even damaging.
– Expect your baby to learn about 1-2 signs a month in the early stages, with the first few signs taking the longest.
– Older babies will almost always start signing back quicker than younger babies.
– Some babies will have 20 signs that all pretty much look the same – this is not a cause for concern. Just look to the context to decipher the meaning of the signs.
– Babies find it difficult to do two different movements with their hands at the same time making some signs impossible for them to do perfectly.
– When baby uses the same sign for everything, introduce new signs and continue to model the correct version yourself.
– Various signs sometimes look the same, but instead of getting frustrated just continue to lead by example.
– Whenever there is confusion with signs, or signs stop being used, just respond by continuing to do the signs properly yourself and expect that your baby will eventually follow your lead.
– If your baby just won’t learn a sign, wait and introduce it at a later time when your baby might find it more interesting.
– Just because your baby does the sign for something doesn’t mean you have to give it to your baby. However, the first time a baby does do a sign, it should be rewarded so as to encourage it.
– Anticipating needs in your baby before they’ve had a chance to communicate it will inhibit signing.
– Not using motivating signs is a common reason signs are not picked up at a faster rate.
– Never teach signs when your baby is hungry, tired or distracted.
– When you don’t know a sign, just use the broader category that the object falls into. Then when you have more time consult the baby sign language dictionary.
– If you are the only person signing with your baby, signs will still be picked up, it just might take longer.

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