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What Is Continuous Reintroduction In Teaching Baby Sign Language ~ Chris

Continuous reintroduction is a baby sign language teaching technique where a parent will show and re-show an object to a baby many times throughout the day or many times in a row. Let’s pretend you want to teach the sign … Continue reading

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You And Your Baby’s Secret Signs – Your Baby Isn’t Always Signing ~ Chris

The fact is, signs happen quickly to a non-signer who is not attuned to signing.  They also happen subtly and can appear like regular mannerisms.  Imagine a baby bringing up a finger to request WATER – you know what your … Continue reading

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How Does Baby Signing Boost Self-Confidence And Self Esteem? ~ Chris

Signing allows your baby to join the adult world.  It allows them to make specific requests, to label their thoughts, emotions and interests.  It forces others to listen to them in a way that is specific and difficult to ignore.  … Continue reading

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Why Baby Sign Language Is Not A Fad ~ Chris

With all the recent interest in baby sign language some people might be tempted to think that baby sign language is a fad and will wane with time.  Naturally, the number of people who do signs with their hearing children … Continue reading

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Signing With Hearing Babies ~ Courtney

When signing with your baby in public, you may have someone ask you if he can hear.  Although many people are now aware of baby sign language for hearing babies, there is still some confusion over why you would do … Continue reading

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